Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Starter kit arrived!!!!

 Well what a funny day it has been. I dont work on Mondays so i had all day to sit here and wait for Mr UPS to arrive. What could i do? Well i have been thinking its time to move the Guinea Pigs indoors for a few days however i needed to go and get a new indoor cage. Not likly with Mr UPS arriving anytime soon! So after racking my brains i came up with this.......

 It is the crate we bought for Cleo our 3 yr old rottie! she has long past the chewing stage and now has run of the house. I always said i would not get rid of it beacuse i might have another pup at some point. So here it is being used as the Guineas new indoor home. They love it. Loads of room to move around, all of their fav toys and bit and best of all in the warm.

My starter kit finally arrived about 1.30, to say I was excited would be an understatement!!! I have been waiting for the catalogues as well, as I have 4 customers already before the kit has even arrived. So I signed Mr UPS form as quickly as I could and ran indoor with scizzors in my hand to the ready.

I had a quick few mins to dive into the box to have a look at my delights before i had to disapper to collect my son from work :(

 But here we are after tea and washing up etc. I am so pleased with the kit and I think it is fab value for money. So now it is 9 o'clock and I am tired from my days antics and ready for bed. I have to do the day job thing tomorrow so I wont get time to play until tomorrow evening, but looking forward to seeing what i create from all of this lovely new stash.


  1. Looks like your going to be busy! There's some great stuff there....awesome!