Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to you all!!! Hope you are all well. I have been busy beavering away in the craft room and will post some pics of what i have been doing later. In the meantime i have been busy helping Laura from Airing Cupboard Stamping  to decorate the house and garden for our Halloween party later. The kids always have a Halloween tea and then go off trick or treating with the men. I have also been baking Halloween Muffin Ghosts this morning, this is how they have come out...

I'm quite pleased hope the kids like them. Now off to tip all the sweets into bowls ready for the kids knocking later. Hope you all enjoy your Halloween x

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Celebrity Juice WOYWW

Morning WOYWW'ers

Well my desk should look busy as i have had a week off and I have had a fair bit of time in My craft room, however I cleaned up yesterday after making some prototypes of boxes and bits with paper and forgot to take a picture of my desk in chaos! I didnt want to waist any card stock if it all went wrong. So what I do have to show you is a box I have altered. It came with a mug in it but was to lovely to throw away. So for this Wednesday this is what I have to show you...
Hope you like it!  I was pretty pleased it. Now just to choose what to put in it and for who?  A lovely gift box me thinks. Well I'm off now as I am going to London to see Celebrity Juice live with VIP Tickets  (just a tad excited !) Bye for now x

Friday, 21 October 2011

Look what I have got!

Its been 2 very busy days here, breaking up from school and children returning to the home from Boarding school. So not much time to do anything in the last day or two. I did however win  on the raffle some of the lovely Stampin up! material at my first training day run by the lovely Jo over at a couple of weeks ago. I loved the material is from the Beau Chateau range, but I am not a sewer!!! I can barely stitch on a button let alone make something! So I have talked sweetly to a friend Ali who is a bit of a dab hand at the old sewing thing. We have had a chat about the ideasi had for the material but in the meantime she has come up with this cute pin cushion out of the odd bits. I love it. The materials really are nice and I have seen some really lovely ideas for theses now, alot involve no sewing at all. So if you are interested in the materials or would like to know more about them or purchase some please PM me. I'm off now to play with my new toy the iPhone 4s not had alot of practice using it yet :)

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Playtime :)

Good morning WOYWW'ers

I hope this finds you all well? On my desk today I have a couple of cards I made last night. Well anything was better than sitting with the OH watching footie!!! I hope you like them? I have been playing with my new SU kit.

 Sorry the Pics are not very good but I have a busy day so taken in a room where there is not much natural light! Hope to have more time next week as its a week off from the day job.

Anyway why dont you pop on over to  and have a look at the lovely Julias blog.  See you next week x

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Starter kit arrived!!!!

 Well what a funny day it has been. I dont work on Mondays so i had all day to sit here and wait for Mr UPS to arrive. What could i do? Well i have been thinking its time to move the Guinea Pigs indoors for a few days however i needed to go and get a new indoor cage. Not likly with Mr UPS arriving anytime soon! So after racking my brains i came up with this.......

 It is the crate we bought for Cleo our 3 yr old rottie! she has long past the chewing stage and now has run of the house. I always said i would not get rid of it beacuse i might have another pup at some point. So here it is being used as the Guineas new indoor home. They love it. Loads of room to move around, all of their fav toys and bit and best of all in the warm.

My starter kit finally arrived about 1.30, to say I was excited would be an understatement!!! I have been waiting for the catalogues as well, as I have 4 customers already before the kit has even arrived. So I signed Mr UPS form as quickly as I could and ran indoor with scizzors in my hand to the ready.

I had a quick few mins to dive into the box to have a look at my delights before i had to disapper to collect my son from work :(

 But here we are after tea and washing up etc. I am so pleased with the kit and I think it is fab value for money. So now it is 9 o'clock and I am tired from my days antics and ready for bed. I have to do the day job thing tomorrow so I wont get time to play until tomorrow evening, but looking forward to seeing what i create from all of this lovely new stash.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Hello again!

I have been playing catch up in the house today as yesterday I attended a craft Christmas Extravaganza run by my upline the lovely Laura from Airing Cupboard Stamping.  We had a fab day with Lovely projects which I will show you at some point when I take some pics. But today I have a decoration to show you which I have made out of the left over papers from yesterday. All Stampin up! of course but last seasons. I hope you like it! Starter Kit arriving tomorrow (just a tad excited) will let you see it when it arrives.

Friday, 14 October 2011

New Starter kit coming........

Well I signed up and it's on the way......   Monday is the day and what a perfect day to arrive when I have a day off from my day job :) Looking forward to showing you what I can do with it!