Friday, 21 October 2011

Look what I have got!

Its been 2 very busy days here, breaking up from school and children returning to the home from Boarding school. So not much time to do anything in the last day or two. I did however win  on the raffle some of the lovely Stampin up! material at my first training day run by the lovely Jo over at a couple of weeks ago. I loved the material is from the Beau Chateau range, but I am not a sewer!!! I can barely stitch on a button let alone make something! So I have talked sweetly to a friend Ali who is a bit of a dab hand at the old sewing thing. We have had a chat about the ideasi had for the material but in the meantime she has come up with this cute pin cushion out of the odd bits. I love it. The materials really are nice and I have seen some really lovely ideas for theses now, alot involve no sewing at all. So if you are interested in the materials or would like to know more about them or purchase some please PM me. I'm off now to play with my new toy the iPhone 4s not had alot of practice using it yet :)

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