Monday, 7 November 2011

Christmas is coming!!!!! FAST!!!

Well here we are again day off of the real job today!  I'm sorry for the lack of blogging but we all had the winter cold/bug thing over the half term and I felt horrible....

 My first demo SU order came over the holidays and stayed in the box a day or two and then it was all I could do to unpack it and put it away.

Better now though :)

So here I am a day in the house to myself and I'm trying to catch up with the Twilight movie's as I'm off to see the new one in a weeks time and I have not really seen them before (well without people talking so much about which one of the boys they fancy, all the way through it) So I thought I might as well make good use of the time and craft at the same time, I always was good at multitasking. 

So here are the three cards I have produced whilst sat here for the last hour! I'm really pleased. Love the set and i got it free with my first demo order.
So if you like the set and would like to try and make something like this for yourself I still have a couple of spaces left on the Stampers 6 group. Email or PM me for more info. For now I must go and do the school run...... Bye x

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